Well… When in America…

There’s my Five-a-day, right there

I promise that this is the last post I’ll make about Buffalo, NY. At least until I go back there. So, I’ve talked about the famous Buffalo Chicken Wings, and also about my addiction to toasted sandwiches, which tend to be called “Grilled Cheese” in the States. Put them together and what have you got? Bippity Boppity Food.

OK, that didn’t quite work, so let’s get back to the food. Above is a massive grilled cheese sandwich. I actually think it’s probably two whole rounds of sandwiches, made with thick bread, packed with proper cheese and then fried to perfection. Add a tasty cream of tomato soup (so you can feel nice and healthy) and you have Nom on a plate. I have never needed a toasted sandwich more than I do right now. Damn lunch hour being two hours away! This meal was at the Bistro Europa in Buffalo, which seems to be universally beloved on Google reviews. 16 people all gave it 5 stars, and no detractors yet! I must agree with that decision, it was a fantastic sandwich, and look at their beer list! It’s huge! My friend Charlie went for a staple of their menu – potato pancakes with caramelised onions and spring onions (scallions) scattered on top. She could hardly speak it was so delicious. She still talks about it now, 6 months on! Feast your eyes on this:

It looks like pancake steak. Hey, that’s a good idea! Thank you Bistro Europa for a marvelous meal, very much welcomed by two hungry travellers. I leave you with one last picture of the architectural magnificence that we saw in Buffalo – the interior court of the Ellicott Square Building, which, when it was completed in 1896, was the largest office building in the world. It has a few touristy shops around the edges nowadays, but the floor still looks magnificent, with sweeping staircases leading to the upper level, and a cast iron roof. Incredible design.


2 thoughts on “Well… When in America…

  1. I lived outside of Buffalo about 10 years ago. It was becoming a foodie town then (surprisingly), and it looks like the growth has continued. What else can you do when it snows all the time, but eat?

    I enjoyed reading about your adventures there 🙂

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