And… Imma let you think about this

The Dish with the Greatest Name

Last October my friend Charlie and I visited Detroit. Well, technically we were in Troy, about 20 minutes north of the Motor City, and it was in Troy that our Michigander friends took us to Camp Ticonderoga, a massive restaurant designed to represent the best of the atmosphere of the Adirondacks, while serving top-class steaks, ribs, and all things meaty and American. It was here that I discovered the best name for a dish ever – Buffaloaf.

Buffalo meatloaf (pictured above) is something that I had never had the opportunity to try before – buffalo is really rather difficult to come across in the UK, what with there not being any buffalo and all. This meant that by the Law of Unrelenting Possessiveness I simply had to have it. I adore meatloaf (I still maintain my Dad makes the best), and this was superb. There is a subtle difference between the buffalo and beef which was detectable under the onion gravy. So many onions makes Chris a happy boy. I need to try more buffalo, and other meats which we simply don’t get over here, like Elk. Camp Ticonderoga is probably one of the best places to try – the place was packed, and the atmosphere was wonderful. It’s a really expansive restaurant, that feels like an old hunting lodge, just with added ESPN all over the place. Shame it’s a seven-hour flight away, or else I’d probably eat there every week!

You can check out Ticonderoga’s website here, and check out their wonderful menu as well.


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