And… this is my addiction

I have nothing witty to say

I am addicted to toasted sandwiches. I like to think that it’s one of those safe addictions that’ll get me slowly, not have me begging for a fix in a years time outside the door of a backstreet sandwich shop. It’s the melty cheese, buttered toast, some of the cheese drools out and burns… What’s not to like? Over the past year I’ve been going regularly to a tea shop on Waterloo Road, Cranbrook (back in the UK, as a nice to change to previous blupdates) called, conveniently, the Waterloo Road Tea Shop. You won’t find it on Google StreetView, as they still have the old picture of when it was a lighting shop. The tea shop is split over three levels, and does all the usual light lunches, but for me it’s the toasted sandwiches and puddings that are the best. Above is the cheese and ham toastie, and the ham is cut very thick, just the way it should be. No wafer-thin rubbish here! The taste is superb, with mature cheddar cheese and proper ham, and it’s nice to have toasted sandwiches that aren’t made in the clamp machines (much as I love them).

Below is the spotted dick, which I had for the first time a few weeks ago with my friend Lois. Steaming hot, plenty of custard, tasted light and vanilla-y. Delightful. They also always have a big selection of fresh cakes and cupcakes (zomg), and enough varieties of tea to last a lifetime. So, a post for my Kentish friends then, if ever you’re near Cranbrook and in need of a spot of lunch, you can’t do better in town.

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