And… we’re back from the commercial break

I’d like a coronary with a side of garlic bread, please

Hola mi amigos, and welcome back from the unintentional break. Thanks for sticking with. As I mentioned in the last (apologetic) post, I have a few more restaurants to write about, so I might as well get straight to it. Some of you may remember that I was up in Yorkshire staying with family members, and on Monday we visited the Squinting Cat in Pannal, near Harrogate. The picture above is of the Macaroni New Yorker, which I didn’t know was an actual thing. You get regular macaroni cheese topped with a chicken breast topped with BBQ sauce topped with bacon topped with BBQ sauce topped with cheese, with some garlic bread on the side. This picture was taken after I’d already had a bite, and a piece of garlic bread, so that explains why it looks a bit worse for wear in places.

Now, the Squinting Cat belongs to the 2 for 10 pubco, so the food is really quite similar to any number of other pubcos that you might come across, like a Brewers Fayre or even a Beefeater. If you like those places, you will like the Squinting Cat. The macaroni was well cooked, everything was hot, and there was cheese aplenty. It did look as though it had been sitting under a heat lamp for a while, but it was steaming to the core. I’m still not convinced on mixing macaroni cheese with BBQ sauce, I think more experimentation is required. Luckily, I love cheese and BBQ, so it’s not exactly a task I’ll hate. If anyone has any positive cheese + BBQ sauce experiences, please post ’em below! So, the main course was fine,nothing more, nothing less. The dessert, however…

This is a Sticky Toffee Cheesecake. You might have some difficulty picking out where the cheesecake is, but it’s between the layers of actual cake. I love all things sticky toffee, and this was no exception. The sauce was served hot and was extremely rich, almost as if it hadn’t come from a bottle. The cake was verging on the spicy, with hints of ginger and carrot, with plenty of toffee inside, and the cheesecake itself was delish. My only criticism is that it doesn’t need the canned whipped cream – the pudding stands well enough on its own. If you’re going to offer it with anything, make it something slightly classier, like a vanilla pannacotta, or even ice cream.

Another bonus of going to the Squinting Cat, outside of the pudding (which was big enough for two), was the selection of ales. I was driving, so only had the one, but chose the best – Saltaire Blonde, from the world famous Saltaire Brewery in Shipley, West Yorkshire. Over the years the brewery has won “Europe’s Best Stout” at the World Beer Awards, as well as “Supreme Champion” and “Gold – Premium Bitters” at the SIBA Awards. The Saltaire Blonde is quite well stocked throughout Yorkshire, and occasionally makes the rounds of decent CAMRA pubs. It is light, refreshing, and not too bitter, so it really suits all palates. To end this blupdate, I give you a pint of Saltaire Blonde. Enjoy:


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