And… that’s what Yorkshire tastes like

The one-bite Pork Pie challenge

I’m currently spending a wonderful week in Harrogate, Yorkshire, staying with family, and yesterday we went to a new-ish local landmark for lunch – Fodder, a farm shop and café. They pride themselves on serving “Great Yorkshire Food, Naturally”, which leads to lots of quality meat and locally-sourced vegetables. Breakfast and afternoon tea open and close the day, but we were there for the lunch menu. The picture above is the Fodder Farmer’s Lunch, with fresh bread, a hot pork pie, a selection of local cheeses, chutney and salad. This was my Uncle Geoff’s meal, but I tried some of the blue cheese (delish), and the bread, which had a wonderfully sticky garlicky cheese centre. I’ve had the pork pie before, and the ratio of jelly to pork is perfect, and it tastes like it’s made with proper meat, not just odds and ends that might go into commercial pork pies.

I had the Fodder burger (below), which came with chunky chips and an onion marmalade (turns out it’s a slightly posher name for onion chutney). The highlight of the dish, really, was the marmalade, and the chips were perfectly cooked (crispy outside, fluffy inside). I have no complaint with the meat of the burger (good size, line of pink through the middle), but it came with a couple of leaves of limp greenery and a slice of tomato. If they could beef up the options to go with the burger (cheese, onions, y’know, something to add to the choice) then it could be fantastic. I didn’t eat much of the salad, as it turns out they don’t so much drizzle it with vinaigrette as drown it. I like to be able to at least pick up part of the leaf without getting my fingers sticky, and you could hardly taste the salad itself.

As for the café itself, the staff couldn’t be more friendly or helpful; proper northern hospitality at it’s best. The place is so popular that during the holidays and weekends you are almost guaranteed a wait, but overall the food is worth it. The farm shop is massive, and you do get the feel that everything you buy and eat is helping local farmers and businesses. If you are an ale fan they have a fantastic selection of beers from nearby breweries, as well as local wines and ciders. If you’re in the area, or don’t mind a half-hour diversion from the A1, check them out. Details can be found on their website here

On a brief end note, after last week’s review of the OK Diner Big BBQ Burger, I was surprised to learn that two key ingredients in a traditional root beer were dandelion and burdock, so when I saw that Fodder stocked Fentiman’s, I went for the traditional Dandelion and Burdock drink. Fentiman’s make upmarket colas, lemonades and fizzy drinks, brewed in a traditional way that usually contains trace amounts of alcohol. The D&B was absolutely delicious, and a refreshing change from coca cola, so we bought some more bottles from the farm shop to see us through the weekend.


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