But… your racism doesn’t belong here

What follows is not a review

Hi there, not a usual post today. I’m about to get, well, not exactly political, but certainly angry, and this is the only place I have to vent that won’t confuse family members. The picture above is remarkable. The first black President standing in the Oval Office with the first black leading actress of a major television series – Nichelle Nicholls from Star Trek. This pic cropped up on my Facebook feed a little while ago, and I’d like to tell you what I think it shows, and then I would like to show you some of the responses tagged to the pic. Some of them are very nice, and some of them… Ugh.

A photograph like this wouldn’t have been thought possible 45 years ago when Star Trek was first broadcast. It probably wouldn’t even have been thought likely 10 years ago, at the time of the last pre-reboot Star Trek film. I don’t need to wax lyrical about the importance of Barack Obama to the history of the United States; many people more intelligent than I have already done a much better job than I ever could. Nichelle Nicholls was also, it could be said, equally significant, providing a black face on television in the turbulent late 1960s, in a show set in a future where race was no barrier to advancement, where everyone was equal. Unless you wore a red shirt and didn’t have a name, in which case you would probably die in the introduction. So, a historic picture, probably just as much for Trekkie Obama meeting a hero of his.

And… bring on social media. I’m going to post a couple of quotes from comments on the picture. I’m not trying to make a political statement (I’ll filter out the “Democrats suck!”), just trying to point out how unbelievably ignorant and racist some people still are. And why the hell are they fans of a show that espouses freedom from hatred when all they do is hate? Here we go (all mistakes kept in):

“Assimilate Obama?? No, I think the Borg would pass him up. They wouldn’t want to damage the collective.”

“the only reason he was mainly voted in because he was an African American.”

“He must be from outerspace DON’T think he is an American”

“Set phaser to “splatter his guts out,” Ohura.”

“I have no use for Obama or Star Trek either.” (THEN WHY ARE YOU COMMENTING ON A STAR TREK PICTURE???)

and my personal favourite

“I see this moron standing in the open with that cheshire smile.. I can only think of 1 thing. “HEADSHOT”!!”

I just…

No more politics, I promise.


2 thoughts on “But… your racism doesn’t belong here

  1. Those comments are…there are no words for how horrible they are. When I saw the Obama/Nichols photo, I was very touched. I think it’s an awesome photo. I thought Star Trek was about tolerance. I agree with your comments. Those others…those people are just sad.

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