And… begin

Ahoy there friends of the internet, and welcome to my blog. As you can see it is named “Riley’s Random Review”, a fairly awkward and clunky title with unnecessary alliteration that proves difficult to pronounce for those with minor speech impediments. BOOM – title reviewed.

This little corner of the web will play host to reviews of everything that comes my way, be it books (probably quite Star Trek heavy), TV shows, films, music, value-brand cornettos and so on and so forth. I have no interesting quirk or gimmick (yet) to grab your attention, it just is what it is.

At the moment I am unemployed, though starting a job in a few months. That hopefully means I will have enough time to keep this blog regularly updated, though I am currently halfway through Mass Effect 2, so don’t get your hopes up. These reviews probably won’t even be proper reviews, just general comments on the things that I come across. I don’t know yet, I haven’t written any posts. STOP ASKING QUESTIONS

I also have several other friends with blogs, I highly suggest you check them out:

My friend Rosemin is on a challenge to view and review 365 films in 365 days, and you can check out her blog here:

My friend Alys is nearing the end of a harrowing experience – trying to stay vegetarian for 40 Lent. Her trials and tribulations are here:

So thank you for reading thus far, and hopefully I shall see you in the future here on triple-R (had a blog for 30 seconds and already have a snappy nickname. Boo-yah).



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