And… the shameless self-promotion starts

It is my long held belief that any review blog, no matter the topic, should always start with some completely off-subject posts, just to get going. And so it is here. I figured I should point you all in the direction of some writing that I have previously done, so that you can have an idea of what you’re letting yourself in for.

I studied Geography at University, and am fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity after I graduated to write some resources for GCSE geographers on the world’s leading online educational resource site, If you are a budding geographer, of have a particular interest in renewable energy and population statistics, have a look at some resources what I wrote here.

Last October I traveled with a great friend of mine across the North Eastern United States, from New York to Chicago. We blogged about it here.

I wrote a review of a single recorded by Ant Henson, the folk singer, back in 2010. The full review was the epitome of quality, with a thorough analysis of the song underscored by a rich vein of humour throughout, all in a succinct 250 words. Sadly, the whole review has been lost in the annals of history (i.e. myspace is a crock of shite), and a mere fragment remains on Ant’s facebook page, but I suggest going there to listen to his music, as it is all rather fine. If you sift hard enough through the many glowing reviews you may find the remnants of the old review what I wrote.



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